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In order to place an order through paypal and find out the price in USD - write to our operator in the chat  or Skype: l2gnomru

The amount of the discount depends on the amount of the order. The larger the package gold, the greater the discount! If you have questions or you want to place an order for another amount - contact the operator in Skype or online consultant.



Donate Coins:

 1000 ES coin / Donate coin = 25 EUR.

 2400 ES coin / Donate coin = 50 EUR.

5500 ES coin / Donate coin = 100 EUR.

12 000 ES coin / Donate coin = 200 EUR.

25 000 ES coin / Donate coin = 400 EUR.


Paypal payment is made in manual mode according to the operator's instruction.

To buy, write to us on Skype: l2gnomru or online operator in the chat   






Reasons to Buy Col l2escape from ORK

  1. The price of Es Coin is cheaper than the admin server from 30 to 90% discount.
  2. Delivery within 7 minutes
  3. Col farmed in a legal way, by real players.

How to quickly get Es Coin

  1. Write to our operator to ask about the availability of stakes on l2escape.
  2. Fill out the payment form and the amount of Es Coin. Pay on the site of the selected payment system
  3. Enter the game and get ES Coin through trade.

    Features of the server

    Good online on the server is guaranteed by the fact that the project is designed for players who like servers of this concept. Interlude projects attract a large number of strong players who will be able to compete with you, despite the fact that these chronicles have long been outdated morally.

    How to earn Col on x10 server

    In order to be a top player you need l2escape col, otherwise nothing good for you. In order to earn an l2escape ES Coin, you can trade on the Giran market from morning to night, and maybe by the time the server is closed, you will have money to buy Drake bow and Drake set. Also you can kill monsters from morning to night and eventually go crazy, since the drop is really bad and in good places, no one will let you out of the competition. Either farm AA or LS, the choice is yours, but farm col is a very complex and laborious process.

    The easiest way to buy l2escape x10 col is from BenderMoney and spend your time on your loved ones.